The Voice Behind the Stories That Inspire and Engage

Judson Voss is a professional male voice-over talent with years of experience in the industry. His versatile and captivating voice has been the driving force behind countless projects, ranging from commercials and podcasts to IVR, corporate audio, events, and video. With a unique ability to connect with audiences and convey messages with clarity and emotion, Judson has become a sought-after voice-over artist for clients across various industries.

The Voice That Brings Your Story to Life

Judson Voss is committed to providing his clients with exceptional voice-over services that capture the essence of their projects and connect with their audience. If you’re looking for a versatile and experienced voice-over talent to elevate your project, Judson Voss is the voice you’ve been searching for.

The Story behind the Voice

I was born at an early age to a sharecropper in the heart of Kansas during the Dust Bowl. No wait, that was just a character I played. The lines blur.

The real me hails from the suburbs of Atlanta Georgia, I’m a husband and dad to two awesome kids and an amazingly supportive wife.

After years of being told, “Have you ever thought of being in radio?” Things lined up and I started a podcast on real estate investing. Get Real. My plan then was to offer a quick sample of my audio production company’s capabilities in producing podcasts for others. Well, 200+ episodes and 2.5 million downloads later it was one of the highest-rated podcasts on iTunes beating out the likes of the Wall Street Journal and Jim Cramer.

While the podcast has been retired my love of having people pay me money to talk into a microphone hasn’t. The marriage between my years of audio engineering experience, my voice, and my desire to deliver just what your project needs help to provide the secret to the success your project needs.