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How to Spam Your Potential Prospects

how to spam your prospects

I got your attention because for some reason there is this dirty little part of you that wants to take the easy way out and spam potential prospects. It might be because your CMO or CEO is banging his fist on his desk asking you to “GET MORE LEADS.” Maybe you have greater motives and you believe, beyond a shadow of a doubt that your product/service is so great that if your target prospect could just see a short email expounding the benefits of your product, they will fall in love with it. After all, it isn’t spamming if they find out you are their savior.

Regardless of the intention, the facts remain the same, you want to buy emails from someone and then send totally unsolicited emails to, another someone, in hopes they will buy $30k to $500k in product from you. In some special reality you think about that scenario and believe, “Hey, that just might work, if I get in front of enough people!”

Spam is spam is spam is spam, and you ain’t no better than the next guy. Sending unsolicited emails to people doesn’t work, sending unsolicited emails to people because one of your salespersons says it is a good idea, is the definition of insanity. (I only say that because I am worried I will offend you if I say it is the definition of ignorance.)

Where does the motivation for spam come from?

At its deepest level, it is bred from the concern that you cannot, in a succinct manner provide a value proposition to your potential customer.

Where does the idea that spam will work come from?

Desperation. Well, maybe not desperation but from not putting the work in and not thinking through the resulting ROI play.

Why do I say that?

Let’s think through it. Who buys your product? The people that have a need and find an adequate solution in your product.

Who does not buy your product? People that aren’t in the market for it and don’t have a need to fill.

Put yourself in your prospects shoes.

At this point, you might not believe me and you are thinking this stuff must work because companies are selling email addresses like hotcakes and many of them are getting start-up investor cash for doing it. Let me throw this scenario out there. You get an unsolicited email from someone that is going to fix all of your marketing department problems with their solution (usually a martech stack product.) You get about one line into the email, realize it is unsolicited and you move on.

Then 5 days later you get an email from the same person saying they hadn’t heard from you. You only clicked on the email because it had a deceiving subject line as if it was someone you were actually doing business with. You delete it again, but this time with a little aggravation. Finally, you get an upset email from them saying something along the lines of, “Don’t you have even the smallest amount of respect for me to respond to my emails?” Reading it this time you finally do take action (that’s what they wanted) you delete the email and vow to never do business with that company ever. Yeh, spam is effective…

Enough about what not to do when soliciting prospects. If you can’t just send mass emails to a list of cold recipients, what can you do? This is just my two cents but I think you are left with 2 methods; well-targeted inbound campaigns and semi-personalized selling by the sales team with help from your CRM/Email stack.

Coming Next time… What to do when you don’t spam your prospects

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