Be a digital marketer

So You Want to be a B2B Digital Marketer

I am not going to pretend to own the book on what it takes to be a digital marketer. But I have seen some good ones and some that, well, yeah. In my experience, there is a really wide definition of the role. I would like to believe that is because companies have a very […]

How You’re Doing B2B Email Marketing Wrong and How to Fix it

What a negative Nancy kind of headline right? Well, the headline grading software said it was good so I’m going with it. Email marketing and marketing automation have the power to be game-changers. It’s true though, maybe not of you but many B2B companies I see out there have a pretty myopic view of email […]

Floss Like a Digital Marketer

Ok, so, floss? Yeh, floss. Flossing is something you do each day, hopefully at regular increments and hopefully consistently. The great thing about flossing is it is a pretty basic activity, takes pretty close to no thought or effort. To date I haven’t had a serious flossing injury, though if you or someone you know […]

Digital Marketing Consultant

Digital Marketing Agency vs Digital Marketing Consultant

Complete and full disclosure here. I am writing this with a totally slanted pen. I own a digital marketing agency and not a consultancy. That said I don’t think there is any bad either kind of business. This blog post is just to help educate on the differences number one and that both exist number […]