In February 2006 I recorded my first podcast episode. At the time there was no one in the real estate investing education vertical providing any type of free information. My strategy, give away as much info as I could for free with the hope that it would build a relationship, help people and in the end get them interested in learning more and investing in their education, through me. I had no idea what content marketing was or that I was doing it.

A couple of months into starting the podcast I was sitting on the beach on vacation pouring through a course I bought online about, of all things, making money online. It blew me away that there were people making money off of building email lists. It was even more surprising that the guy writing these materials thought I could too!
1 year, a lot of hard work and 15,000 podcast subscribers and 22,000 on my email list later… I was hooked!

A lot has happened in 10 years and today I help companies, large and small develop sophisticated digital marketing and lead generation strategies. I love the detail and logic that goes into fostering relationships through digital means for multi-channel, multi-influencer, long sales cycle accounts. Mostly, I love how using experience and really creative messaging helps to increase your revenues.

So much has changed but one thing hasn’t…

I still get excited every day to create compelling content, promote it to the right people and have them say, “yes” to what we are selling!
Marketing is all about finding a problem, serving a need and letting the world know that you care enough to fix what ails them.

My other (and to be honest, greatest) passion today are these two beautiful women and little boy. Yes, at 44 years old I found the love of my wife, Jamie Voss. Since then these two crazy kids had, by far, the most beautiful little baby girl that has ever walked the face of this earth, Jamie-Cate, and most recently her equally handsome little brother, Jackson Gray. Folks say he favors me so all I can say is, oh bless his heart.