Floss Like a Digital Marketer

Ok, so, floss? Yeh, floss. Flossing is something you do each day, hopefully at regular increments and hopefully consistently. The great thing about flossing is it is a pretty basic activity, takes pretty close to no thought or effort. To date I haven’t had a serious flossing injury, though if you or someone you know has incurred one by all means send that story to me. The great thing about flossing isn’t just the fact it is low friction, it is the fact that it yields predictable and beneficial results.

Almost no one who has a lifelong habit of flossing and good dental hygiene practices has poor dental health. I’m on the other side of that so I get all to well the proof of that antithesis.

Following our little analogy down the rabbit trail, digital marketing flossing activities would be any of those things that are low friction, either by nature or by setting up automated tasks to make them so. Yet, even though they are low friction when done consistently they yield positive results. Smell what I’m stepping in?

So what are my floss activities? I’ll say this, it definitely isn’t a complete list and I also know I should be doing more and a better job of picking the right things to do on a daily/regular basis. I also know I should be automating more things than I do.

I should start every blog post with this disclaimer. For the most part the type of marketing I do and the channels it sells through usually entail a small, focused group of technical buyers. What I mean by that is while I understand best practices of PPC and been involved extensively in my B2C days. For B2B marketing to industrial companies it hasn’t been much of the repertoire and for the purposes of this article it won’t be there either. (Just trying to cut down on the number of email complaints I get. I’m a realist, I said cut down.)

Funnel Intake

On a daily basis I review all of my campaigns to see how many new leads have entered the funnel. I also do some analysis to understand where those leads come from, who those leads are and why they became leads. Do you want to know why I do this? Because it is the thing that gets me out of bed. It really does. I know through some long standing metrics that if I get X number of new leads a day that are quality leads, it will result in X number of new sales in a month. That is exciting to me!

It also tells me if new promotions or channels are having an effect on the campaigns and where I should be spending more or less money on lead generation.

Email Metrics

Once someone is caught up in the “web” I want to know how our messaging and content is resonating with them. Partially this is reviewed to see what level of interest and engagement is created on a macro level but it is also reviewed on a micro level to know what email, subject line, link, etc is making an impact. It is also really important so that we know what is “priming the pump.” As you build data it can be very meaningful to correlate user interactivity with your drip emails to eventual sales, providing better funnel revenue vision.

Advertising Metrics

I know I just said I do very little PPC, the exception to that is a significant amount of targeted display ads and through quality industry specific websites and email newsletters. I find these to perform well and usually get a good ROI on the dollars spent. But seeing is believing and I want to keep an eye on how the impressions, clicks and conversions are tracking so I know if the message is resonating and for long running campaigns, keeping and eye on banner ad fatigue to gauge whether I need to change the media out and freshen it up. Of course most importantly to watch out for conversion rate changes.

Review the Content Calendar

This one may be optional depending on your content calendar activity. Often times I am managing 3-5 product lines and believe it or not if I don’t keep a daily eye on the content calendar something can slip through the cracks or I might get a late start on a project that is quickly approaching.

PS – I’m a big believer in having content calendars, if you don’t have one, spending a few minutes each day filling one in might be worth your daily flossing time.

What are your daily flossing activities?

Feel free to leave a comment below to share the things that you like to do each day that makes you a better digital marketer.

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