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Flipping the switch to a whole new world of marketing is a scary thing. It isn’t just about the newest “toy” in the social media arsenal. Your business is based on providing a value proposition that needs to be communicated effectively.

Not all digital marketing is the same. If you manage a product or service that sells to other businesses and often your main decision maker is an engineer you know the world of selling a technical product is unique.


Whether just starting with digital marketing or your company has been dabbling in it for a while now one of the greatest indicators of success is a well-developed plan. Getting a second set of ideas on your business that can pull best practices from in and out of your industry. Having a delivered, written plan you can budget for and follow will set you apart from your competition.


Many organizations have invested in high-quality marketing automation software. Often times their greatest lament is not knowing everything their software is capable of or just not having the time to implement it. Get help taking full advantage of your marketing technology to increase and track ROI.


Most Marketing Communications teams are overload with the daily tasks of managing your brand and business. Being able to offload tasks like email design, landing page design, dashboard development and lead nurturing campaigns can mean the difference between things getting done or not.


Marketing Automation

More than just sending out emails, Marketing Automation can be the key to really hone in on making your sales process more efficient. As importantly when built well it can take your customers down a measurable journey to understand where your greatest ROI comes from.

Lead Generation

Filling the pipeline can be one of the biggest contributors to your company's success. There are many new tools and techniques available to reliably introduce quality leads to your funnel on a consistent basis adding predictability to your revenue chain. 

Email Marketing

Ninety percent of all technical B2B purchases are made with a significant amount of content being delivered. Social media is a great awareness and brand building tool but when you market to engineers they want information and data. Professionally developed email campaigns are the best way to do it.

Content Marketing

Email may be the delivery method but the content is king. B2B decisions are made on multiple levels and are usually decided on based on the value proposition. Great content; case studies, white papers, calculators, customer testimonials and more, are key to educating and converting customers.

Digital Marketing Manager on Call

Not ready to take on a full-time DMM but still need the strategic and implementation help? We can partner to leverage experience in B2B digital marketing with the ability to manage projects and utilize freelancers to give your organization the appearance of a much larger marketing budget.

Marketing Operations

Developing a digital and content marketing plan is essential but streamlining that process can mean the difference between getting the job done. I can help develop your marketing operations flow to create the best documents and process for digital market asset requests through the approval process.

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